Feed in tariff and net metering

Feed In Tariff (FIT) and Net Metering

Feed In Tariff (FIT) With this program, to get paid you sign a contract for a fixed period of time (most commonly 10 years, 20 years, or 25 years), throughout which time you are promised to be paid an exact fixed amount for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy generated by the solar panels of your solar PV photovoltaic power generating system that you did not use and that was sent into the general community electric power grid.
In California, for example, whoever chose the Feed In Tariff in 2012 could choose from a 25 year contract that pays 9.27 cents for each kWh generated, or a 10 year contract that pays 7.68 cents for each kWh generated. These payment levels are equal to about half of the cost paid for electricity by the average homeowner.
It turns out that not many private homeowners choose the Feed In Tariff, because it is primarily recommended for people who have a very large size solar power system containing a very large number of panels.
Net metering is a different way to get paid cash or reduce your electric bill with a credit from your electric company, for electricity generated by your solar PV photovoltaic system that exceeds the amount you use.
People who sign up for net metering receive a two-way electric meter that records both power that you get from the general community electricity grid (and would have to pay for), as well as extra power that was generated by your solar panel system that was not used by you and that got sent into the general community electric power grid instead.
So when the extra energy your solar panels have generated and sent into the general community electric power grid is more than you received from the grid, you will have eliminated your electric bill and have to get a credit for future electric power you may later use, or actual payment for the excess power generated!
If you received and used more electric power from the general community electric power grid than the extra energy that you generated and used and sent to the grid, the amount of energy you sent in to the community grid is subtracted from the amount you received from the grid and used, to determine a lower total cost of your bill, since you have erased and offset a portion of your electricity bill by generating more power than your own usage, and sending that power to the community power grid.

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